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Kopek Industries

Capabilities Overview

When you move your manufacturing to KOPEK, you will benefit from the cost and quality advantages of manufacturing in Asia, whilst enjoying the convenience and low risk of ‘western’ programme management.

With over 20 years of manufacturing experience in China, KOPEK is uniquely qualified to bring you world-class contract manufacturing capabilities at the lowest possible prices.

KOPEK is able to offer:

  • High-quality, low cost Asian manufacturing and components
  • Comprehensive, HK and UK based programme management and logistics support

Worry Free, Risk Free Programme Management

KOPEK takes the worry out of Asian outsourcing by providing complete programme management services through your KOPEK representative in Hong Kong and UK. Engineers and programme managers can handle every aspect of your contract manufacturing project, from inception to delivery, including design, QA and testing, shipping and customs. With decades of experience in Chinese manufacturing, culture and business practices, KOPEK knows how to minimize risk and maximize benefits for our customers.

Contract Manufacturing Plant in China is KOPEK Owned and Operated

The KOPEK contract manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China, just north of Hong Kong, manufactures UL-and TUV-approved, zero-defect products for some of the world’s leading OEMs, wholesalers and large volume retailers.

KOPEK material and quality control technicians employ the latest QA tools and techniques to ensure quality before, during, and after the manufacturing process. Our quality technicians can also inspect to MIL-STD-105E or any other industry standards you may require.

Because KOPEK owns and operates the contract manufacturing plant in China, we have complete control over the equipment, employees and processes. Our customers can communicate directly with managers on the manufacturing floor to get project updates, resolve questions quickly, and implement changes correctly the first time. Your project is sure to stay on track and meet your time and quality expectations.

From Component Sourcing to Turnkey Production

KOPEK can handle virtually all your manufacturing needs, from sourcing and procuring components to delivering finished products just in time to your distribution points. Our engineering expertise can help you find alternative components and design solutions that will dramatically lower your material costs. Asian manufacturing makes high-quality hand assembly extremely cost effective, for simple jobs to the most complex, labour-intensive projects. Our capabilities include:

  • Electronics Assembly – Component or Board Level
  • Component Sourcing and Procurement
  • Turnkey Product Manufacturing

Expert Cost Engineering

One major benefit of working with KOPEK is our ability to engineer your product for cost. Through strategic reengineering and component sourcing, we can reduce the cost of a subassembly by as much as 50% with no loss of quality or reliability.

The combination of cost engineering, component unisourcing, Asian manufacturing, worldwide logistics, and JIT delivery makes KOPEK unique in our ability to manage quality and cost through the entire global supply chain.

The Only Source You Need

KOPEK works with an extensive Asian sourcing network of well-established suppliers throughout the Pacific Rim. We can source all the parts and services you need to complete your project, from electronic components, to electro-mechanical assemblies, plastic or metal enclosures and complete packaging and labelling. With outsourcing by KOPEK, your project comes together on schedule and on budget every time