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Kopek Industries

Inspection Criteria

KOPEK realises that that not all quality concerns can be reduced to a number, especially for aesthetic quality of products so we go that little bit further with our Inspection Criteria:


Does the shape, appearance and colour correspond to the proof samples?


Does the item conform and function to customers specifications?


Does the workmanship correspond to the reference sample? Are the numbers of detected defective samples within the required acceptance limit?


Are the components assembled correctly?
Does the machine or apparatus function properly and easily after manipulating it repeatedly?


Are all accessories in the individual packing unit?


The labelling / stamping correspond to the content?
Is each individual item provided with a label/stamp reference?


Are the items suitably packed, according to specification?
Does the content correspond to the packing list (e.g. a specific colour and/or size assortment per case/carton/bag);
Do the marks or symbols meet specification?


Constructions of export carton are adequate to hold?
Contain in weight and size?
Cartons dry and stored in dry conditions?
Cartons properly closed and secured?
Drop test carried out on 3 export cartons: (according to different products and informed by client)

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