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Kopek Industries

OEM Benefits

KOPEK Industries can bring you numerous benefits through OEM manufacturing in China:

Quality Assurance

All our products comply with strict quality control procedures including MIL-STD-105D. We implement statistical methods and in-process inspection to guarantee product performance and consistency. We perform 100% inspection on all products. With this quality you can lower the costs associated with warranty repairs and returns.

Unit Cost

With our production area comprising of two 5-storey buildings equipped with automated assembly lines, we can handle high volume order efficiently. Our current production capacity reaches approximately 2 million + pieces a month and we fully utilize the advantages of mass production to lower the unit cost.


Our engineers cost only a fraction of what it would take to hire an engineer in the West. We can modify existing products or develop a product according to your specifications. Your upfront investment is low, and we normally offer precision 3D drawing at no extra cost.

Tooling and Moulding

Mould making is certainly more affordable in China than in the US or Europe. We can save you a substantial amount of money if your tooling amortization is too high. We have installed zinc and aluminium die-casting, injection moulding, and tooling (EDM) machinery for in-house production.


The locations of KOPEKS facilities can be important for several reasons. By utilising KOPEK'S manufacturing facility in Asia, it helps you to expand your markets geographically. Once your product has matured in China, you will then have your manufacturing partner on the doorstep of the fastest growing economy in the world.


The ability to change manufacturing process, scheduling and volumes increasingly affects an OEM's outsourcing decision. Because business needs can change unpredictably, your partner must be responsive to changes. In boom times, the partner must be able to increase production volumes, change delivery schedules and manage component shortages.

At KOPEK our customers can communicate directly with managers on the manufacturing floor to get project updates, resolve questions quickly, and implement changes correctly the first time.


The more labour intensive a manufacturing process is, the more money you can save by transferring the production to China due to the abundant supply of cheap labour. Our number of employees totals over 1,000 and we provide up to 6 months’ training to workers to ensure that they are skilled and competent at the job.


Around 70% of the world’s electronic products are now made in Asia because of its high concentration of electronic component suppliers. We can drive down your cost significantly by developing a cost-down version of the component you need.


It is very important to protect the confidentiality of your project, and we usually sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with our customers before receiving any confidential information from them.

Customer Relations

We have been doing business with some of our customers for over 15 years already, and such successful and long-standing relationships are built on mutual trust and customer satisfaction. We are committed to the success of your product, and we strive to help you to achieve a competitive advantage.

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