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Kopek Industries

OEM & ODM Manufacturing

KOPEK offers full OEM and ODM manufacturing packages which can either reverse engineer OEM parts or build alternative subassemblies that will dramatically reduce our per unit assembly costs. That gives you the leverage you need to compete more effectively. Our ODM packages can also help to reduce your cost further by allowing KOPEK to take a greater role in the design of the product you want to manufacture – this provides complete turnkey solutions for your company.

There are a number of reasons why you may be looking for a partner for your manufacturing needs, such as times of declining markets, production slowdowns and reduced demand. You may have scrutinized your businesses and realized that outsourcing makes viable business sense. By outsourcing your manufacturing services to KOPEK, you can accomplish several goals such as:

  • Greater focus on the core competencies of product design, marketing, distribution and finance
  • Stronger balance sheets through diverting capital assets, work-in-progress inventories and personnel
  • Improved cash flow through the immediate expensing of the cost of goods

The five most consistent reasons our existing customers turn to KOPEK for their manufacturing needs are quality, cost, technology, location and flexibility.

OEM Benefits

For manufacturer who wants to reduce cost in tooling, molding, casting and assembly, or for distributor sourcing for high quality, lower price product

ODM Manufacturing

KOPEK provides a fully integrated ODM service that offers a one-stop design to manufacture solution for all our customers