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Outsourcing has become a major advantage in global competition, and businesses now view their dealings with suppliers and service providers in a strategic light. Unlike the past focus of short-term gains through lower prices, this current approach concentrates on achieving greater profitability through enhanced integration and collaboration. Today’s outsourcing relationships are more like strategic partnerships – Kopek is that partner.

Outsourcing with KOPEK provides not only significant savings, but also improvements in service, including production turnaround times, support for just-in-time and other inventory cost controls. Our customers can communicate directly with managers on the manufacturing floor to get project updates, resolve questions quickly, and implement changes correctly the first time.

In a broader sense, outsourcing with KOPEK can have a transformational effect on your organization. By outsourcing your non-core business functions, you can more effectively distribute your resources to support knowledge-based core activities and profit centres. With our expertise and assets, we can enhance your resources thus enabling you to meet rising customer demand and let you have a clearer picture of your own capacity.

The Outsource Wave

In the quest to achieve strategic focus, business worldwide are choosing to develop areas of core competence and shed operations that have become difficult to manage and are hampering growth

Benefits of Outsourcing

Our experienced engineers and technicians work closely together to provide you with optimal production solutions