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Quality Control

Quality Management (QM) and Quality Control (QC) is about doing things right first time. Whatever your size and type of organisation, and whatever the business process from design to customer relationships, reducing errors by improving the way things are done can have dramatic benefits. At KOPEK we take both QM and QC very seriously.

KOPEK believes time invested in the QC process is invaluable to the outsource model, as customers are required to relinquish a key part of the process, which would traditionally be controlled by themselves. This is an important aspect of any manufacturing business, and one which KOPEK pays particular attention to.

In order to increase our quality level and reduce the total production cost, we try hard to understand the customers' expectations and needs for each project. Communication mistakes are the number one cause for failures in manufacturing. At KOPEK, we define quality as “conformance to specification”; therefore in order for us to measure it, we first have to sit down with our clients and agree on what key measurements define a quality product. In addition to that, we realize not all quality concerns can be reduced to a number, especially for aesthetic quality of products, and that is where our Western staff with background in Industrial Design comes in very useful.

KOPEK makes sure that our Quality Control managers are measuring the right attributes in the right way by using both 100% inspection and Statistical Process Control (SPC) and perform random sample tests of the final packaged product.

Quality Control Standards

KOPEK uses the recognised quality control standards and sampling methods such as MIL-STD-105E, ABC-STD-105, ISO2859, DIN40.080, BS6001, NFK06-021/022

Inspection Criteria

KOPEK realises that that not all quality concerns can be reduced to a number, especially for aesthetic quality of products so we go that little bit further with our Inspection Criteria