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Kopek Industries

Quality Control Standards

KOPEK uses the recognised quality control standards and sampling methods such as MIL-STD-105E, ABC-STD-105, ISO2859, DIN40.080, BS6001, NFK06-021/022.

These sampling methods are based on mathematical theories of probability and offer the advantage of clearly defining the number of samples to be drawn for inspection from a given lot or consignment. This method also suggests the maximum number of defective items allowed in the sample size.

Unless otherwise instructed, KOPEK uses the Single Sampling Plan Normal Level II (according to the MIL-STD 105E standard) as this is the generally accepted common requirement for products manufactured in China.

(AQL) Acceptable Quality Level

KOPEK generally uses the following AQLs unless otherwise instructed by the client.

High Value Products Low Value Products
Critical Defects zero critical defect allowed zero critical defect allowed
Major Defect AQL 1.5 AQL 2.5
Minor Defect AQL 2.5 AQL 4.0

The AQL is the maximum percent defective that, for purposes of sampling inspection, can be considered satisfactory as a process average. Different AQLs may be designated for different defects such as critical, major and minor defects. KOPEK and our clients will agree on the levels of accepted AQLs before the start of production.

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