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Tooling and Moulding

Mould making in China can be 50% lower when compared to the West. The high cost for moulding and tooling design is often not necessary in China where a large degree of handwork is possible at low costs.

KOPEK has established itself as a first-class provider of offshore mould making in both Plastic and Die and post moulding services. Our tooling engineers can design and build tools for low, medium, and high-volume production. In addition, our facility in China houses a complete sheet metal and plastic tooling shop. Our extensive experience coupled with our vast resources allows us to provide you with the most suitable tool at an affordable cost. We also have strong capabilities in plastics engineering, prototyping, finite element and mould flow analysis.

Along with full production mould making, we offer Mould Design and Mould modification/Repair, this covers both single and double shot moulds. Our mould designers use the main engineering software packages to communicate efficiently with your engineers. We manufacture from Prototype through Class A (SPE/SPI 101) tooling for production machinery to fit 25 Ton to 1200 Ton Plastic Injection Machines.

All our moulds are built from hardened tool steel e.g. 420 S.S, S-7, A-2, H-13 and O-6. Lower volume moulds are built using pre-hardened steels such as P-20, NAK 55 and Pre-hardened stainless steel. All of our designers have extensive mould-making experience and benefit from the knowledge of our Western-tooling experts.

Lead times for Prototype moulds average 2-4 weeks, while Production tooling typically takes 4-8 weeks on average. By operating primarily in high-tech tool markets, we are used to working to high tolerances, complex surface parts and optical finishes. This knowledge filters through to lower specification tooling, ensuring that each and every tool is made to the same exacting standards.

To take advantage of our reduced lead times and competitive pricing, many of our existing customers commission tools on a third party basis, whereby our production facility acts as an extension of the customers' own, without the incurred cost of running such.

Plastic Injection Moulding

KOPEK currently manufactures a wide range of plastic packaging products for established customers and industrial markets. We provide our customers with a complete design capability from concept to market, complimented by